Logo_Final -6An instructor led Abacus program

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The exercising of both the side of brain is confirmed through effectiveness of the abacus training. While calculating using an ancient abacus technique that utilizes a hands-on learning tool, kid- friendly kits and activity based literature has proven benefits to enhance the development of human brain power. The mental abacus method has multiple advantages to keep the mind vibrant and help in improving the true mind power.

AbacusMindz instructional design works because it is a unique combination of classic and contemporary methods, tools, and research.  The goal of the program is to teach students how to mentally calculate while simultaneously enhancing and improving the brain.

The program highlights are:

1. Complete 1-10 levels course. Each level is for 3 months.
2. The age group of 5-14 years.
3. Books and resource material are structured level wise.
4. Specially designed curriculum with ample practice examples.
5. Certification for each level.

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