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after school sol imgWisePro is an after school education hub – a new age activity centre. The education hub focuses on various attributes and nuances to learn and improve skills that enhance left brain and right brain activity, improves creativity and inculcates logical and positive thinking. To give environment for overall programs that are majorly demanded across India and give exposure and training in safe and secure manner. The idea is to create a one stop solution for programs apart from the academic programs.

WisePro Education hub has various modular programs that can be taken as a complete activity. There is option of choosing the modular activity based learning as well. The unique model of providing trained teachers. Complete implementation and operations of the program is done through in house team having expertise in delivering these programs.

Schools can leverage and create value for the Institution by utilising the infrastructure for the best possible use. The students enrolled from other institutions shall also attend various programs under WisePro education hub. The agreement to use the facility shall be signed between the authorised signatory of the company and the school signing authority.

WisePro Education Hub can be run through homely small unit that can expand in the professional setup. There are programs that are spread over complete K-12 segment. The centres can be operated during the evening hours as well as over the weekends. This helps various parents who are working long hours or on weekends.

The students and parents with growing awareness are in search of the programs that can help them understand and supplement their curriculum as well as enhances their creative quotient. Normally they are always on the lookout within the vicinity of their residences. If you own a school or a preschool or any learning centre then it can help you in generating more revenue through after school programs.

We engage schools on continuous basis and the reason to select our programs:

  • Facilitate learning through well crafted programs
  • Maximise value for the school.
  • Train the trainers
  • Dedicated trainers
  • Facilitation for real life application
  • Hand on learning along with audio visual learning
  • Individual and group kits at affordable price
  • Curriculum time management
  • Dedicated skill based workshops from Academicians
  • Level based approach for skill assessment.
  • Long term contract with continuous engagement with schools.

In house implementation and operations team.

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