Engaging Solutions

Enganig solution img 1We often come across on numerous occasion the phrase “creating engaging and enriching content”. Engagement in the school, class or any learning environment is misconstrued as some kind of activity based learning that is connected to good behaviour, span of attention, positive vibes, improved cognitive behaviour and getting evaluating through rubrics. More often we see that the stakeholders have invested time, energy, money, emotions in these kinds of programs.

Team WiseMindz has worked on holistic philosophy of the program where fundamentally each child has Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Physical, Spiritual and Creative potential. Our enrichment programs are designed to engage our students accordingly.

Our student enrichment programs can be run during school curriculum program.

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Our programs can be run through Education Hub to be taken as after school program.

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To engage our students we follow basic ground rules:

  • Make the program thought provoking: The program should be igniting sparks and creating meaningful effort to understand the concept.
  • Giving meaningful collaborative environment: We have seen that student engage themselves in meaningful activity or the activities that interests them. They will neglect the activities in which they will see wastage of time and effort.
  • Learning beyond classroom: The programs should take the students’ learning beyond the classroom environment by making resources available to them.
  • Content creation and freehand: Engage the child in creating their learning modules rather than giving them tailor made solutions. Help them to explore and create their learning content.
  • Build Competency: Help the students to showcase the talent while testing their proficiency level. Introduction of innovative products and solutions.
  • Homogeneous and diversified group activities: apart from the set modelling from the teachers and the facilitator create groups and ensure role plays.
  • Student – Teacher relationship: We ensure empathy, mentorship and a step by step guidance with a positive outlook.
  • Evaluation and certification: We have tests for each level and reward the students on their achievements.