An experiential learning program through hands on Science kit

Eureka Mindz img 1Learning science is full of complexities and abstract concept understanding. Experiential learning through hands on science kit breaks down the concepts in simple modular format and help experiment with the concepts through one’s own creativity. Collaborative learning through group dynamic helps in internalising the concept rather than just knowing the concept. Teachers and parents together can understand the importance of learning through hands on kits. Be it understanding of generator, electric circuit or functioning of human body organs, seeing and experiencing by doing helps the student remember the concept for long.

EurekaMindz is designed with keeping the curriculum framework in mind. It not only introduces to the concepts of science but also help understand much broader aspects like conservation of resources, team dynamics and creative thinking.

Important program highlights are as under:

1. Based on the STEM model of learning on the basis concepts in various grades.
2. Safe and secure age appropriate hand on activity kits for enhancing creativity in design.
3. Hazard free and easy to operate step by step approach.
4. Real life example application through Science and structured thinking.
5. Develops competitive spirit and building new capabilities.
6. Age appropriate content and models for Instructor led teaching.
7. Training workshops and competitions for students.
8. Complete support on school kits and individual practice kits.

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