Adapters Math Genie Grade 1 to 4

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  • Understanding Numbers

    Conceptual learning is a process by which students learn how to organize information in logical mental structures. Numbers are instrinsic part of day to day life. Whether you have to work upon any transaction in real life, buying or selling things, counting, understanding numbers is equally important

  • Why conceptual Maths

    If children are introduced to abstract concepts before they have a solid basis for understanding those concepts, they tend to resort to memorization and rote learning. Understanding the algorithm and process is very important to relate to abstract topics. This helps in decoding the information and arrive at a solution not only in mathematics but in other subjects as well.

  • Measuring understanding

    A strong rubrics based on the parameters related to activities rather than the traditional way of learning concepts. Learning is an outcome of the steps followed in the logical sequence laid down for a particular problem solving.

Wisemindz Conceptual Maths ?
Gamified learning
Visual models
Real life examples
Spatial learning
Relative understanding
Language of Mathematics – Word Problems
Every Problem has a solution – Life Skill

Level 1 – Numbers, Shapes, Basic Arithmetic Operations
Level 2 – Time and Calendar, Real life Examples,
Multiplication application

Suitable for Grade / Class

1 to 4

Learning Outcome

Game based Conceptual Learning, Interdiscipline Learning
Understanding Arithmetic Operations


Activity Worksheets, Level Assessment and Certification

Number of Sessions

12 sessions per Level

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