Advance Grade 4 Onwards

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  • Why Mathematics?

    If we look around, we find ourselves evaluating almost everything, we measure, calculate or derive. We see and feel shapes, add objects, multiply things, divide into portions and subtract parts. But as we deal in the real world, we don’t happen to realize the multiple levels where we need to put our mathematical skills at test.

  • Why Vedic Mathematics?

    Since the inception of mankind, humans have tried finding ways to measure nature. Vedic mathematics was introduced to the world as a new mathematical science that gives the liberty to take any complex mathematical problem to be solved in the easiest method. It was rediscovered, arguably, from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960).

  • How Vedic Mathematics works?

    Most of us if asked to divide 467 by 503, they would either ask for a rough page to solve or not attempt. The otherwise dread monster looking sum is solved in a few seconds using the right Vedic Mathematics methods. The computation techniques follow a certain set of steps primarily known as Sutra principles. The Sutras provide methods of calculation and their application.

Wisemindz Vedic Mathematics ?
The latest Vedic Math based Mental Arithmetic and Skill development program scientifically designed for students of age group 12 and above, is mainly for developing arithmetic computational skills and focuses upon SPEED TRAINING EXERCISE, AUDITORY EXERCISE, VISUAL LEARNING EXERCISE, and ITERATION EXERCISES. The techniques of Vedic Mathematics not only enable the students to solve specific mathematical problems; they also develop creativity, logical thinking, and intuition, as said rightly by Dr. Michael Weinless, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, lowa. We deal with solving algebraic expressions and amalgamate with other mathematical techniques.

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Levels 9 – Visual Arithmetic Operations, Speed Simulations for Addition and Subtraction, Decimals, Roots
Levels 10 – Visual Arithmetic simulation, Higher order Decimal Numbers, Roots, HCF and LCM

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 1 Onwards

Learning Outcome

Champion level learning, Speed Visualization with Simulator, Accuracy in calculation


Book, Abacus Kit,
Level Assessment and Master Certification

Number of Sessions

20 sessions per Level

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