Alphabets Grade 1 to 4

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  • Why Communication skill for kids is necessary life Skill?

    Possessing effective communication skills can be described as an essential life skill for a 21st century learner of today’s world.
    1) Teaching effective communication skills to children may help them to express themselves clearly and convey their feelings in a better manner.
    2) Communication skills can facilitate learning and meaningful exchange of information, ideas and belongings with others.
    3) Communicating well may boost child’s EQ as well as SQ.
    4) Effective communication can help build a child sound relationships during his interactions with other people.
    5) A kid who can properly communicate verbally may be comfortable producing written communications as well which is likely to help him perform better academically.
    6) Kids with communication problems may develop behavioural disorders like depression, social withdrawal, low self-esteem.

  • What is effective communication?

    Good verbal and written communication skills are essential in order to deliver and understand information quickly and accurately. Effective Communication is defined as the ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently. The ingredients of effective communication is as under:
    1) Active listening means paying close attention to the person who is speaking to you.
    2) Adapting your communication style to your audience.
    3) Friendliness, smiling and Confident.
    4) Paraphrasing
    5) Seeking feedback
    6) Empathy and Respect
    7) Connect Emotionally

  • Learning outcome

    Students will be able to understand and apply knowledge of human communication and language processes. Students will develop knowledge, skills, and judgment around human communication that facilitate their ability to work collaboratively with others.
    They will learn majorly:
    1) Learn to Listen
    2) Verbal as well as Non Verbal Communication
    3) Emotional awareness and ability to relate
    4) Empathy and ownership
    5) Mannerism
    6) Reasoning and asking right questions.

Wise Way of communication for Kids?
LSRWT – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Thinking
Different situations for speaking in front of an audience
How does the audience see us?
Presentable and Body Language
Dealing with stage fright
Story telling, creative thinking
Theme based learning
Voice modulation, Pitch and tone
Preparing and practicing for public speaking
Dealing with unexpected problems during the speech/presentation

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Level 1 – Communication basics, Ingredients of communication, Verbal and Non Verbal communiation, Voice Modulation, Story tellying, Presentation
Level 2 – Creative writing, LSRWT Skill gamified learning, Story making and Narration, Real life example, Situational writing an Extempore, Vocabulary builder

Suitable for Grade / Class

1 to 4

Learning Outcome

Gamified and Activity based Conceptual Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning, Age appropriate Skill sets


Activity Worksheets, Level Assessment and Certification, Mentoring Session, Counselling with Performance Report

Number of Sessions

12 sessions per Level

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