Eurekamindz Grade 1 to 10

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  • The world of science or the science of the world?

    Science is the reason why we see most of the things happening in our life, we communicate with far-off people, we get cured, we have our machineries running, in a nutshell, science is the underlined factor that makes our life simpler and comfortable. This is one of the most significant streams of learning that has been therefore taught from the early days in the schools.

  • Theory or Practical?

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Learning only the bookish knowledge can score you marks in the exams but not in the practical world. Learn science the way it works, practically. See them working in front of your eyes, experiment and assimilate the laws of science.

  • Why Science Kits?

    A WiseMindz science kit is a prodigious clump of practical learning gears for all the age groups best complimented to their academic syllabus. The complexity levels of the kits are gradually increased with the broadening horizons of the learning years. Once, you are rightly informed about the “How to use Science kits?”, you can’t wait to explore the next stages.

WiseMindz Science Kits
It is this time when you should start to the better understanding of the world, make positive and remarkable progress through your learning and challenge your brain for new applications. Get motivated for new investigations and you may lead to new scientific discoveries too. Science is a process of putting knowledge into practical use and Wisemindz Science Kits does exactly the same. Undergoing years of rigorous iteration, we have fabricated the kit especially for you. Come to learn and flourish.

Universal Level


A Comprehensive Eurekamindz DIY Kit to perform 10 Science Concept based Experiments, Based on the Grade Wise Science Concepts each Grade will have a different DIY Kit, Suitable for any Board Curriculum

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade wise from 1 to 10

Learning Outcome

Experiential Learning Program, Conceptual Learning through activities, Better Retention of Concepts


Student DIY Kit, Grade Assessment and Certification

Training Support

One time training support by appointment. Call / Whats app / email for booking the training.

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