Jr. Fin Decoder Grade 1 to 4

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  • Why Fun Finance for Students?

    Parents and teachers spend a great deal of time teaching kids about all the different aspects of money and personal finance. Unfortunately, this information does not always stick with children and those that don’t grasp the concept of personal finances can encounter money related issues later in life. Financial literacy includes many different topics and therefore it is important to introduce these topics to kids slowly so that they fully understand each one before moving on. Topics include concepts of Savings and investments in various Asset classes- Bank Ac, Fixed deposit, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Real Estate, Gold etc. Thus, we have designed a scientific curriculum to children who find this course exciting and interesting, leading them to want more.

  • Greenhorns Program – Grade 5 to 8

    This level is to introduce the importance of financial literacy and character development in individual, family, and community social and economic affairs.
    a) Understand the origin and importance of money to exist in the society
    b) Learn to set small financial goals and develop the habit of patiently saving for them.
    c) Learn about the various type of avenues to save and invest money, so that it grows.
    d) Learn the importance of planning for life necessities (food, water, shelter, health, and clothing) before anything else.
    e) Understanding things that are beyond money and teaching about importance of things such as respect, time management, and many other aspects of life.

  • Unicorns Program – Grade 9 Onwards

    This level concentrates on the technical aspects of financial literacy. Content includes credit, borrowing, income, tax, investing, and retirement systems.
    Currency System
    Earnings and Budgeting
    Credit, Saving and future Planning
    Entrepreneurship Introduction.

Why Financial Aptitude – Fun Finance?
Hands-on activities
short inspirational videos
Engaging gamified lessons
Real life examples
Practical reinforcement
Case studies
Project preparation

1, 2


Level 1 – Numbers and Money, Value of Money, System and Trade, Simple Game and Identification
Level 2 – Real life Examples, Money Tree, Concept of Earning, Expenses and Saving, Growing Money

Suitable for Grade / Class

1 to 4

Learning Outcome

Game based Conceptual Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning, Understanding Arithmetic Operations with Money


Level Assessment and Certification, Mentoring Session, Counselling with Performance Report

Number of Sessions

12 sessions per Level

Other Details

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