Master Level Abacus Age 6 Onwards Level 9 & 10

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  • Abacus & Brain Development : How are they linked?

    Birds are effective in learning the skills since early stages of life. Understanding the calculation and imagining the world around helps in developing both the sides of the brain. Likewise, when a child is in his growing years it is necessary that their right side of the brain is developed as soon as possible along with the left brain. The right side of the brain is used for imagination, visualization, intuition, and rhythm. When children are taught Abacus, they are training the right side of their brain. The left side of the brain harps on logical thinking, crunching numbers. Abacus taps into the need for visualization, imagination, intuition and playing with numbers. Abacus since early stages is renowned as Brain development Exercise.

  • How to read Abacus?

    Abacus works on the principle of place value. In the Soroban abacus, each place value rod has a single bead in the upper part of the frame and has value 5. The lower frame has 4 beads in each place value rod and the value of each bead is 1.

  • How Abacus Works?

    An Abacus is like a manual calculator where you slide beads that represent the numbers that we need to compute. By various movements of beads up or down we can perform complex calculations of series of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other calculations of more than 3 digits from an early age. The calculations with imagining the beads help in flash calculations.

Wisemindz Abacus Program ?
Time to make your child a Math’s Genie. Make them participate in the most fun learning methods of mathematical calculations. See them conquering the next ladders of mathematical complexities with the higher sense of spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. Wisemindz abacus program is meticulously drafted to give an astounding dominance over the subject but in a fun-filled way.

9, 10


Levels 9 – Visual Arithmetic Operations, Speed Simulations for Addition and Subtraction, Decimals, Roots
Levels 10 – Visual Arithmetic simulation, Higher order Decimal Numbers, Roots, HCF and LCM

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 1 Onwards

Learning Outcome

Champion level learning, Speed Visualization with Simulator, Accuracy in calculation


Book, Abacus Kit,
Level Assessment and Master Certification

Number of Sessions

20 sessions per Level

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