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Abacus and Brain Development: How are they linked?

Birds are effective in learning the skills since early stages of life. Understanding the calculation and imagining the world around helps in developing both the sides of the brain. Likewise, when a child is in his growing years it is necessary that their right side of the brain is developed as soon as possible along with the left brain. The right side of the brain is used for imagination, visualization, intuition, and rhythm. When children are taught Abacus, they are training the right side of their brain. The left side of the brain harps on logical thinking, crunching numbers. Abacus taps into the need for visualization, imagination, intuition and playing with numbers. Abacus since early stages is renowned as Brain development Exercise.

How to read Abacus?

Abacus works on the principle of place value. In the Soroban abacus, each place value rod has a single bead in the upper part of the frame and has value 5. The lower frame has 4 beads in each place value rod and the value of each bead is 1.

How Abacus works?

An Abacus is like a manual calculator where you slide beads that represent the numbers that we need to compute. By various movements of beads up or down we can perform complex calculations of series of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other calculations of more than 3 digits from an early age.

The calculations with imagining the beads help in flash calculations.

Wisemindz Abacus Program

Time to make your child a Math’s Genie. Make them participate in the most fun learning methods of mathematical calculations. See them conquering the next ladders of mathematical complexities with the higher sense of spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. Wisemindz abacus program is meticulously drafted to give an astounding dominance over the subject but in a fun-filled way.

Start working on mental strength of your child in play way.

Invest into Abacus and see the learning reaps sweetest of fruits and help your child grow smarter, undoubtedly.
Abacus indeed helps you boost your speed in mathematics calculations. You are steps ahead of your classmates when it comes to quick calculations and logical reasoning. A child starts with learning the basics and doing basic math calculations mentally. This part is fun for the children and it begins the process of right brain development and it saves time too. Traverse through the wonderland of Wisemindz Abacus and get the significantly improved results in other subjects too!!!

Robotics - a science

Do you get fascinated by words like IOT, AI, Robotronics, Automation, Humanoid, Drone, etc.?

While the world has already moved towards Artificial Intelligence, how can we keep our aspiring minds isolated from one of the most interesting topics? Most of the jobs are going to be taken away by robotronics and there is an equal amount of need for people to develop these Robots. Robotics is a stream of science and technology that are used to develop machines which can substitute for humans and replicate their actions. It performs complex functions at abnormal temperatures, difficult terrains and likewise.

How Wisemindz Robotics works?

One can’t learn swimming without entering the waters, similarly one has to work on the electronic components to learn robotics. Every student gets a components kit that will be used to assemble and design the working models and experiments. The program is broadly divided into two sections, practical and theory sessions.

Engages Young Minds

Wisemindz Robotics Program engages young minds to help learn the creative side of the robots and build their own future machines. At an early stage, child as young as 10 years old gets exposure to structured learning of understanding machines and its components.

WiseMindz is a fun learning platform where each day we aspire to bring out a novel idea that will widen the learning arc of the students apart from the conventional subjects. This program is undertaken by students of age group 10 and above.

WiseMindz Robotics Program

The Robotics Program is one such unique combination of learning and fun that is not only the perfect way to learn the subject but also with a mission to inculcate the values of innovation and perseverance to achieve a goal. It is needless to say that, there’s theory & then there’s practice and then there is one’s own experience. Wisemindz programs combine theory and practice in such a way that it enriches your overall experience in the robotics world.

Each child gets a grade wise kit and training on software useful for the Robot modelling.

If droids amaze you, here you get to explore more about it. This is one podium, from where you see yourself creating wonders out of the kit with our faculties.
Wisemindz Robotics is a unique combination of classroom teaching by our passionate and expertise from the field. We have set up a perfect balance of theoretical learning and real-life examples and applications in our program. Robotics is the science of building devices from the electronic components that will follow the instructions programmed in it and interact with their environment. In the due course of the program, one will learn to develop applications for robots that are widely used in both research and industry.

Why Mathematics?

If we look around, we find ourselves evaluating almost everything, we measure, calculate or derive. We see and feel shapes, add objects, multiply things, divide into portions and subtract parts. But as we deal in the real world, we don’t happen to realize the multiple levels where we need to put our mathematical skills at test.

Why Vedic Mathematics?

Since the inception of mankind, humans have tried finding ways to measure nature. Vedic mathematics was introduced to the world as a new mathematical science that gives the liberty to take any complex mathematical problem to be solved in the easiest method. It was rediscovered, arguably, from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960).

How Vedic Mathematics works?

Most of us if asked to divide 467 by 503, they would either ask for a rough page to solve or not attempt. The otherwise dread monster looking sum is solved in a few seconds using the right Vedic Mathematics methods. The computation techniques follow a certain set of steps primarily known as Sutra principles. The Sutras provide methods of calculation and their application.

Wisemindz Vedic Mathematics

The latest Vedic Math based Mental Arithmetic and Skill development program scientifically designed for students of age group 12 and above, is mainly for developing arithmetic computational skills and focuses upon SPEED TRAINING EXERCISE, AUDITORY EXERCISE, VISUAL LEARNING EXERCISE, and ITERATION EXERCISES. The techniques of Vedic Mathematics not only enable the students to solve specific mathematical problems; they also develop creativity, logical thinking, and intuition, as said rightly by Dr. Michael Weinless, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, lowa. We deal with solving algebraic expressions and amalgamate with other mathematical techniques.

Learn and see yourself at the solving end of complex mathematical problems.

Old is gold, and Vedic Mathematics is one such gold to be molded in the way you want.
Amidst the huge competition in almost every field, a child needs to be polished with the skills that will aid him to shine through the competition. Vedic Mathematics is a science as its enthusiasts claim it is the most refined and efficient calculating system known. What all the 16 sutras largely do is, lessen the burden of mathematical calculations faster than any computing device. The system of Vedic Math is basically based on coherence which means the whole system is interrelated and unified. Master the magic.
The student derives a complete mental calculation technique that helps in cross-checking the solutions and cracking competitive exams.

The world of science or the science of the world?

Science is the reason why we see most of the things happening in our life, we communicate with far-off people, we get cured, we have our machineries running, in a nutshell, science is the underlined factor that makes our life simpler and comfortable.  This is one of the most significant streams of learning that has been therefore taught from the early days in the schools.

Theory or Practical?

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Learning only the bookish knowledge can score you marks in the exams but not in the practical world. Learn science the way it works, practically. See them working in front of your eyes, experiment and assimilate the laws of science.

Why Science Kits?

A WiseMindz science kit is a prodigious clump of practical learning gears for all the age groups best complimented to their academic syllabus.  The complexity levels of the kits are gradually increased with the broadening horizons of the learning years. Once, you are rightly informed about the “How to use Science kits?”, you can’t wait to explore the next stages.

WiseMindz Science Kits

It is this time when you should start to the better understanding of the world, make positive and remarkable progress through your learning and challenge your brain for new applications.  Get motivated for new investigations and you may lead to new scientific discoveries too. Science is a process of putting knowledge into practical use and Wisemindz Science Kits does exactly the same. Undergoing years of rigorous iteration, we have fabricated the kit especially for you. Come to learn and flourish.

Science is a stream to be experienced and not only learnt

WiseMindz Science kits are the gateways to the practical knowledge based on theories
Science can be as simple as a safety pin or as can be as complex as the evolution of the universe. And when it comes to teaching this massive subject, one needs the equivalent tools to demonstrate the thesis and scientific principles. It is practically impossible to bring each and every illustration to the classroom, hence we choose to work on the replicas. These mini- replicas are specifically based on the theories and concepts children learn in books. WiseMindz Science kits make the learning easy and safe for the kids.

BBC Edge

The best way to lear flawless English is from the experts themselves. This source combines authentic BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) news stories with specially developed learning activities to help young learners become proficient in English and communicate fluently, effectively and confidently.

Expert Edge

The traditional method of teaching English in India emphasises on only grammar, rote learning and translations, etc.; it does not foster effective speaking skills. What students need is a specially designed course coupled with effective methodology that not only teaches them to speak correctly but also improves their diction and accent. BBC is recognized as one of the most valued, trusted and authoritative brands in the world.


Trainers Edge

The course is a unique blend of 40 classroom sessions and self-learning sessions. The self-learning is app-based and allows students to practice at their own pace. The use of BBC scenarios helps students speak English fluently.

Why Spoken English ?

A command over spoken English involves more than just a good vocabulary; it involves correct diction stressing on the right parts and pausing at the right places. These are skills that are acquired through practice, observation and training. The best way to acquire these is through a programme that exclusively emphasises on spoken English.

Award winning spoken english course for schools

Edudrome has been founded by professionals who have more than three decades of experience in the Education industry.
Wisemindz is a channel partner with Edudrome for the 'Spoken English’ course crafted for schools that will help students speak fluently and communicate better. Improved communication skills can boost the confidence of the students such that they can succeed in today's globalized world. Backed by BBC - the market leader in producing world-class content - our course is widely tested and has delivered good results in bringing measurable improvement in students.

fuh· neh· tuhks NOT pho-ne-ticks

Phonetics is the branch of linguistics that deals with the sounds of speech and their production, combination, description, and representation by written symbols. It is a study about how speech sounds are produced, what they are as physical entities, and how they are perceived and processed by the ear and brain.

Why teachers need it ?

Phonetics helps understand how a language is produced and what you need to think about as you produce said language.It is quite useful for language teachers to impart this knowledge so as to create metalinguistic awareness in their students.

How students will be benefited?

Of the many ways in which the students will be benefitted some are

  1. Learn to decode words
  2. Pronounce correctly
  3. Improve fluency 
  4. Pick up the right accent

Wisemindz Phonetics Course

A 5 day workshop specially curated for teachers that aids them for developing the correct articulation of the language amongst their students.The course is based on the science of speech sounds, the various means of  sound production and  position of vocal chords.

Phonetics helps you understand spoken English and also understood when you speak.

This is a great method to learn to read and speak the English language since we 'decode' words by breaking it down into it's sounds.
One of the basic aspect of teaching and learning English language is the pronunciation of the words. There has been a lot of concern with the difficulty in incorporating the proper pronunciation of the words both by the teachers and hence the students. Phonetics is a method or more specifically a technique to learn specifics about English pronunciation.

We help you to select the right career for you.

  1. Based on our expertise we help you not only to understand your intelligence distribution, your learning styles, management competencies but also on the possible option on career selection on much broader perspective.
  2. We help you to understand the admission processes, college/institutions selections, etc.
  3. We help you to enhance/nurture your intelligence and competencies through various cognitive activities so that you polish your strengths and enhance your weaknesses.
  4. Our in-depth personalised counseling session also cover parental guidance.

Benefit for Parents

  1. Become rational parent in true sense
  2. Develop best relationship with your child
  3. Nurture them as per their inborn talent and not otherwise
  4. Know your child’s multiple intelligence combinations thereby understand strength &weaknesses, learning styles, personality, behavioural patterns
  5. Customise their learning and developmental plan and hence imbibe self-confidence
  6. Reduce time, money, efforts by promoting right training and development
  7. Nurture stress free childhood
  8. Don’t be a victim of peer pressure

Benefits for professionals

  1. Identify your core competencies, leadership and Management style & be on success path.
  2. Customize your development plan around your core intelligence and achieve the highest productivity & efficiency.
  3. Develop your communication and presentation strategy.
  4.  Improve your relationship with your Loved ones, superior, peer group & subordinates


Understanding your Core Abilities and Orientations is more scientific, easy, and more accurate.
A unique & holistic effort aimed to bring in a true transformation & positive change in the lives of our client’s by helping them to take active control of thought process, being in self-awareness, reinforcing knowledge about various dimensions, freeing from false assumptions & mental conditioning and finally learning to trust, explore the real potential of their brain & thought process.

Every individual needs a certain set of skills and intelligence to be successful.

Career Counseling for students from class 7 onwards up to Professionals through artificial intelligence based Online Psychometric testing platform.
Measure the key aspects of your personality to understand what drives and motivates you to succeed. With these sessions you get a holistic approach towards learning and development in the stream that is best suited for you. We guide and help you track your personal growth which in turn rewards you with right competencies to boost the professional development. We help you open up to the possibilities ahead in your life as a student and professional personnel.