Program Concept

On the basis of our guiding philosophy; diligent and meticulous planning has helped us in designing successful programs and implement solutions across multiple levels. Dr. Marsha Linehan created the concept of wise mind.  The concept includes components of emotional mind and reasonable mind. Reasonable mind is the logical and fact based approach like creating a budget, figuring out maps and routes, step wise documentation, etc. Emotional mind is governed by emotions and acts upon feelings and looks at learning from spatial and visuals, emotional appeal, etc. The conjunction of the two minds leads to a more deep wise mind which is our inner creative wisdom.

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At WiseMindz we focus on creative wisdom that accelerates holistic development. We give exposure to left brain and right brain activity that brings the best out of our students.

Every person has inherent traits that need to be explored for desired result. One of the tools that we use is based on the multiple intelligence theory proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of cognition and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who developed his theory of multiple intelligences.

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