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School Solution imgThe curriculum as per the NCF guidelines has evolved and will further change on the basis of various government initiatives and directives. For a school to integrate various programs that can take the curriculum learning through various STEM based program is important. The Western countries and progressive schools in India have started embracing and encouraging for adoption of these programs in school. Educating and engaging our students in these fields supplement in bringing back the joy of learning thereby building nation.

Every institute has to meet their own objective through their available resources and provide maximum value to their stake holders. The curriculum based programs  from WiseMindz engage our students in a series of experiential learning that helps in addressing the objectives of the institute. For a school to ensure integration of any of the programs need to carve a place in the already crowded space through mentor facilitation. We have scale to provide dedicated teachers who can take these skill based specialty programs. These are trainers who are trained at our centralised training centre especially for the programs.

Schools are the most secure and safe place for our students. The environment that we get in the school has a tremendous learning impact. Schools are in the envious position where they can run our programs during the school timing or choose to operate as WISEPRO after school activity based Education Hub.

We engage schools on continuous basis and the reason to select our programs:

  1. Facilitate learning through well crafted programs
  2. Maximise value for the school.
  3. Train the trainers
  4. Dedicated trainers
  5. Facilitation for real life application
  6. Hand on learning along with audio visual learning
  7. Individual and group kits at affordable price
  8. Curriculum time management
  9. Dedicated skill based workshops from Academicians
  10. Level based approach for skill assessment.
  11. Long term contract with continuous engagement with schools.
  12. In house implementation and operations team.
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