We engage student through experiential learning

Experiential Learning Modules involving use of models, experiments, visualization and imagination,
Self-Organized Leaning Environments which promote curiosity and engaged peer learning,
Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills by making the child understand concepts along with their applications in real life


Full time Instructor
SME support and visits
Level wise assessment
Certification Upgrades
Inter school competition

Coding and Robotics Lab

Setup Robo-Code Zone at School with Posters,
Basic and Advance Kits,
Software Installation,
Sensor based projects,
IOT AI Robotics arm and Drone construction,
3D Printing (Optional) Art of construction,
Training Support,
Assessments and Certification,
Competition Support


Science DIY kits,
Concepts through activity,
Teacher assisted kits,
Training for teachers,
Art of concept modelling,
Observation Manuals,

Advance Programs and Workshops

Life skills through Fun Finance,
Entrepreneurship skills,
Communication Skills,
Psychometric Test,
1:1 Career Counselling,
Teacher Training Workshops,
Parents’ Workshops