Logo_Final -3Interactive activity based learning for understanding and practicing phonetics

Wise Phonicz_1Phonics is a study of linguistic where sound and its related properties of speech are studied. Phonics is essential for effective reading, familiarizing the words and its related sounds learning.

Most of the children start conversation while recognizing smell, shape and sound. As they gradually grow up they are introduced to the formal way of learning. They are not able to understand and recognize the sounds of the alphabet letters while reading. WisePhonicz program will help our children in recognizing and associating sounds of letters to the alphabet for the word the read. This will in turn help them to improve their reading skills, efficiency and conversations.

The program is specially designed curriculum in collaboration with linguistic experts that focuses on the age group of 4-7 years.

  1. Age appropriate learning curriculum with progressive levels.
  2. Game based learning through interactive activities.
  3. Unique Phonics Flash Cards.
  4. Blended sound and word technique to make new words.
  5. Group task to make own rhymes.
  6. Activity kit including reference materials and worksheets.

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