Logo_Final -11Profiling and Counselling program based on Neurosciences and Scientific Behavioural patterns.

WiseBrain img 1.The majority of the talent mapping and career guidance services cater to only single dimensional need and gives a linear graph. Every person has inherent traits that need to be explored for desired result. Based on the tools and techniques used we profile student and suggest a collaborative approach in learning. We again monitor and test the personality traits and map the differences.

On the basis of the DMIT profiling test, counselling and guidance to the students forms the integral part of the program. Keeping the vast array of career choices available in the 21st century we understand and provide counselling session.

The profile report includes the suggestions and the activities that are planned to enhance the learning of the students. We also train the teachers in imparting the knowledge to enhance these skill sets.

  1. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a study of the ridges and fingerprints. The fingerprints are formed patterns depending on the brain and its various lobes.
  2. Based on the analysis complete personality chart on the multiple intelligences is build for an individual.
  3. Inherent talent of the individual is mapped across the multiple intelligences and give directions for the further enhancement and studies to pursue.
  4. A detailed chart and profile report shall be provided for each individual.

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