Logo_Final 1Safety, statutory and soft skills development program for manpower involved in school fleet operation and management for the organization:

Managing fleet has been a sought after services across the world. Highway accidents are the most cause of deaths. Road accidents are most killers for all type of professionals. Every year there is a huge loss in terms of revenue due to the accidents and negligence for not adhering to proper safety measures. Replacements of proper staff, insurance payment, fleet substitution, loss of productive days are other losses that each organization incurs every year.

World over the organizations adhere to the ISO certification of safety and preventive maintenance where they have to complete the requisite training programs for the fleet staff.  Compliance with local RTO norms and preventive maintenance for longevity of the fleet is very important for sustaining efficient services to their customers. The fleet staff is the first point of contact with parents and students and so there training on skills is prime importance.

WiseFleet skills the manpower involved in fleet management of the organization.

Most of the motorists want to be skilled and responsible drivers however they may lack the knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with skills, attitude and various behavioral aspects. The program includes:

Wise Fleet_1

  • Driver attributes and attitude
  • Presentation and practical videos on various scenarios on road with case study
  • Soft skills in handling the students, behavioural aspects
  • Disaster management
  • Handling communication devices
  • Compliance with the local RTO
  • Audit and training of the fleet management staff and assistant
  • Assessment and certification

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