Logo_Final -12Well crafted program for understanding Ethical Hacking

wiseHackerz img 1We see the environment globally is changing and more people are embracing technology for their day to day transactions. With the advent of IOT the simpler devices generate data from the devices and can store personal and professional information.

This information becomes critical and a reason to breach the security when it contains financial information that is critical to the profile. The people or the organization that is getting assaulted is bound to lose this information thereby losing the confidence of their customers.

The need is to understand the data security, cyber bulling and phishing, managing social persona and internet ethics by totally protecting from these vulnerabilities. The students need to understand what the interference of data is, handling data on smart phones and devices.

There is a growing demand in the industry on providing ample security elements and understand the security lapses. Possession and keeping the records secured is a big opportunity especially in banks. The ethical hacking environment can help the Cyber crime department in resolving the cyber crimes.

WiseHackerz program is primarily designed to understand the internet ethics, various types of technologies involved and the process in the limited learning environment for practising ethical hacking tools. It is an attempt to make the students aware and familiarise to the much needed field of ethical hacking or white hat hacking as it is popularly known.

The course is designed primarily for Grade 7 onwards. The program comes with a personalised supporting kit for reference material.

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