Logo_Final -10Age appropriate personality development program

Wise Persona_1Personality is shaped through various attributes and experiences in ones understanding of the concept and exposures. The majority of the physical and mental developments take place through early childhood days. It is imperative to say that effective training on personality shaping and sharpening the skills is very important. To hone the skills further that can supplement the academic performance is the key ingredient to being successful.

1. A complete step by step approach on grooming personality, creative thinking, communication skill.
2. Spread across 6 levels in 3 groups visibly Grade 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.
3. Beginner Levels 1-6 for grades 7-8 students.
4. Advance levels 1-6 for grades 9-10 students.
5. Superlative levels 1-6 for grade 11-12.
6. Each level will be spread over 3 months with a level culmination test and certification.
7. Activity based and pragmatic exposure to the real life problems and situations.
8. Challenging role plays that will boost and take creative thinking and self confidence to the next level. Course curriculum and content designed by world class trainer in grooming managers from big corporate houses and education institutes.
9. Program includes complete reference material, activity sheets and kit.

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