We power up the embarkation of sagacity.

As the name goes, Wisemindz is an experimental unique learning platform for Vedic Math, Abacus, Robotics, and Science that enhances the development of learner’s brain which in turn makes it sharper, rational, inquisitive and logical, hence making the minds wise. Brain development through Kinesthetic learning is very important and that as a learning lasts long.
The founders of Wisemindz started this unexcelled learning line-ups in Mumbai in the year 2017. We have indigenously developed training kits and resource material, centers, faculties and an evaluation mechanism that has been hand-picked to ensure the best results for our learners. This surely benefits in every walk of life.

Our Mission

Wisemindz wants to be known as one trustworthy platform to the parents, children and each one associated with the educational domain, which is committed towards the overall development through experimental learning benefacted with both ancient knowledge and the latest technology.

Our Values

We believe in continuous quality and innovation, inclusive growth, collaboration, empathy, self drive and a high level of integrity, which act as catalyst in transforming the education landscape bringing the best out of each one of us including our students

Our Approach

At WiseMindz, the center of our focus has been and always be the experiential learning
for the students which in turn enhances their academic development.

Set a goal

No win is a win without a finishing line. We set the goals for you, equip you by providing all the necessary accouterments and make sure you achieve.

Break it down. Learn

It’s always advised to know how far you have mastered the subject. Get yourself reckoned by our evaluation methods, we are here to ensure your success.


If you are running your own institute under another banner ,but are looking to start anew, we help you in the


As the word says you need to revisit the basics go the brass tracks, relearn and practice. Exercising brain is not a one-time activity, it’s a continuous process.

Get the ultimate conceptual programs and upskill your child from an early age.

Engaging your child in the structured and age suited Wisemeindz has been proven to bring out numerous positive outcomes eventually.


Trainers - We are growing everyday.


Students transforming into creative minds..